SW001 Firmware Patch


Step 1:Go to StogaGame official website and download the firmware.

Step 2:Unzip the Update Firmware on your PC and Run the PG-SW001 Update Firmware Program.

Step 3:Plug the controller’s USB cable into your computer, press the right 3D joystick (DON’T LOOSE), connect the USB cable with the controller. Loose the 3D joystick until the Update Firmware button in your update firmware becomes highlighted.

Step 4:Click the Update Firmware button, which is available in highlighted. The update will run and pop out: ” Update Success! ” when the update finishes.

Step 5:   Press the Confirmation button to finish the update.

SW8581 8585 and 8580 pro controllers are also affected. For more information please follow this link.

Here is the patch file to upgrade SW001 Pro Controller.

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