STOGA Nook Series Controller for Switch

New Year’s Day promotion: 20% discount on all products, Discount code:CH20 Brand Introduction At STOGA, our primary motive is gaming performance. We are gamers, and we have great respect and admiration for gamers who put in tons of hours for practicing so they can reach the top. We understand the competitive need of every gamer […]

STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4

STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4

Christmas promotion: 20% discount on all products Discount code:CH20 The STOGA Spider Wireless Controller for PS4 is a great choice for gamers looking for an affordable wireless PS4 controller. It has a comfortable design and it’s easy to use. The PS4 controller also supports motion controls and vibration feedback, making it a great option for […]

Stoga C25 Wireless Joypad Controller

The type of controller you choose for playing switch or Pc games will have a huge impact on your playing experience. Comfortability, battery life, and haptic feedback are some of the core attributes you need to consider while choosing a controller. Stoga’s C25 Wireless Joypad Controller is one of the well-priced controllers that ticks all these […]

STOGA Panda Series Controller for Nintendo Switch

The best Nintendo Switch joypad controller The controllers of the Switch, the famous Joy-Con, are small technological gems, in particular with their absolutely bluffing new generation HD vibration. However, despite their technical qualities, this duo of controllers is far from being really suitable for certain types of games. It would be much nicer to play Skyrim, Doom, […]