STOGA Panda Series Controller for Nintendo Switch

The best Nintendo Switch joypad controller

The controllers of the Switch, the famous Joy-Con, are small technological gems, in particular with their absolutely bluffing new generation HD vibration. However, despite their technical qualities, this duo of controllers is far from being really suitable for certain types of games. It would be much nicer to play Skyrim, Doom, or Zelda: Breath to the Wild with a more traditional joypad controller. In this article, we are going to present an analysis of how the STOGA Panda Series Controller is the best joypad controller for the switch.

STOGA Panda Series Controller for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch’s tiny Joy-Con controllers are fine for simple multiplayer games, but the STOGA Panda Series controller is definitely more suited for complex and demanding games. With an amazing shape, it is more comfortable to play on. Its larger buttons and directional pad make it much easier to control in the heat of the moment.

However, the unique technology such as (Macro setting and Motion control) that it embeds also slightly increases its price which is around $40. Honestly, none offer the same comfort and feel that we enjoy on the STOGA Panda Series controller. Besides a cheaper price, it also offers programmable buttons and turbo mode.

About STOGA Cooperation

STOGA Cooperation offers superior accessories and customizable gaming controllers for consoles and PCs. STOGA has always been committed to technological innovation. By driving the innovation of gaming controllers, they have manufactured fantastic gaming controllers with features like Console wake-up, vibration, Back-side buttons, and Turbo Mode.

STOGA Panda Series Controller Features

Choosing a “good” gamepad is a highly subjective exercise that depends on the size of your hands, the type of games you play, and the operating system. Whatever your type of controller, here are some features of the STOGA Panda Series Controller that you will surely appreciate:

Button responsiveness: each button, trigger, and stick present on the controller is supposed to react to the action desired by the user, at the desired time. All controls of the STOGA Panda Series Controller are easily accessible and the buttons are spaced far enough apart that they can be identified by touch without accidentally pressing more than one at the same time.

Long connection range: Among the characteristics of this model, let us specify that it is a wireless controller with a range of up to a working distance of 25 feet. The compatibility is therefore perfect even if you are far from the console.

Turbo function: This controller hides a Turbo mode and supports motion control. Thus, you can adapt the controls to your habits. Finally, the ergonomics of this model are close to perfection thanks to the handles designed to suit the hands of the player.

Comfort: Regardless of the size of your hands, the STOGA Panda Series Controller can be used for several hours without causing cramping and should not slip if your hands get sweaty. The controller is also heavy enough to ensure a good grip, but not too much, so as not to cause fatigue in the arms and wrists.

Conclusion: STOGA Panda Series Controller as an ingenious “multiplayer controller”

Anyone who also uses the Switch as a console in the dock at home and likes to visit friends would want a second controller. Because sharing the Joycons is nice on the go, but in front of the console at home, it is a bit inconvenient. For a “player-2-controller”, however, paying $70 is already steep – or an additional $210 if you want to play four people at home.

The STOGA Panda Series Controller ideally covers this niche: For $40 you get a controller that you can pass on to your players 2 to 4 with a clear conscience. In our opinion, the price-performance ratio is absolutely okay. But here you have to decide for yourself whether it is worth the money you save!


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