STOGA Nook Series Controller for Switch

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Brand Introduction

At STOGA, our primary motive is gaming performance. We are gamers, and we have great respect and admiration for gamers who put in tons of hours for practicing so they can reach the top. We understand the competitive need of every gamer for getting better. It is this competitive urge, and passion that drives us. It is exactly the reason why we are heavily invested in creating gaming controllers that provide superior gaming performance.

Keeping the primary motive of gaming performance in mind, we at STOGA innovate and create high-end performance controllers for both, PC and Console. The controllers developed by STOGA are equipped with superior accessories and provide a high level of customizability. Along with performance, taking into account the needs of our customers, we dedicate a large part of our resources to developing the best-looking designs for our controllers.

Nook Wireless Pro Controller for Switch/Switch Lite, STOGA Nook Series Controller

The STOGA Nook Series Controller came into existence after hundreds of hours of research and development. As per our primary motive at STOGA, this controller has been developed keeping one thing in mind which is gaming performance. After several hundred hours of testing and proving to be the pinnacle of performance, we are confident that this STOGA Nook Series Controller will deliver the best performance.

Along with gaming performance, a good design that appeals to gamers is also a top priority at STOGA. There is zero tolerance for poor quality finishing and low-quality materials at STOGA. This is reflected in this STOGA Nook Series Controller with its well-designed theme, which resonates with the design of the Switch/Switch Lite, and ultra-premium quality finishing.

The STOGA Nook Series Controller also comes loaded with features such as Dual Vibration to provide you with an immersive gaming experience, one-key connection that pairs your controller with the click of a button saving tons of your time, and an extremely accurate 6-axis gyro, to help you control with extreme precision.

New Year’s Day promotion

The holiday season is here and the New Year is just around the corner. With this New Year, we aim to grow our inventory of high-performance controllers. Our aim for the next year is to provide our customers with even more options for gaming controllers that come equipped with all the necessary features to take them to the highest level of performance.

To celebrate the New Year, we bring to you a New Year’s Day promotion. Using our discount code of “CH20” you will receive an instant 20% discount on all products. Check out the STOGA website for some great controllers and level up your gaming performance.

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