STOGA Wireless Controller for PS4-Mecha Series-Red

STOGA Wireless Controller for PS4-Mecha Series-Red

STOGA cooperation is a company that excels in producing some high-quality game controllers. The brand is well-known for its fantastic gaming accessories, controllers, and other gaming pieces.

However, STOGA has another amazing quality that makes it a favorite among the gaming freaks. This company allows all gamers and tech geeks to design their own gaming controllers. That too, for several different consoles and play stations. Cool, right?

While STOGA provides some beautiful gaming controllers, they have a great back story too. If you have been following the company for a while or just came across it, you definitely will love to know.

An electric engineering couple is the founding power behind the STOGA Cooperation. This couple had a knack for gaming. When they had their son Nick, he became a pro-gamer too. Just at the age of seven he was an expert in many games. The family always had an epic time playing video games together but never was satisfied with any of their controllers. So they decided to make their own.

With Nicks’s love for Pandas and their passion for creating a gaming controller, the family traveled to China. The trip was exclusively to meet accessory manufacturers who could make their desired controllers. On this journey, not only Nick’s dream for seeing the Chengdu Panda Base in China came true, but the couple turned their knack for gaming into a successful business now operating globally.


STOGA Wireless Controller for PS4, Mecha Series-Red

This particular controller by STOGA is an excellent investment and something all kids into gaming will love. The controller not only looks very trendy and eye-catching because of its choice of colors, but its functions, from the buttons to the working, are pretty great to have a video gaming experience with.

This STOGA Wireless Controller for PS4, Mecha Series-Red, has a built-in right and left asymmetric motor, dual support and vibrations, which provide a great gaming experience. It is built-in with a six-axis sensor and has an ergonomics conformation. This means that the controller adapts itself to the users rather than the other way around. This smart technology is what makes it so hyped up in the gaming world.

Moreover, there is a built-in speaker in the controller too. Certainly, it is a package, right? So, while gaming, you will have all the audio easily available in the best volume. Don’t want to disturb those around you with the gaming noise while playing? Well, this controller has a solution for this too. It offers you an earphone jack, so you can maintain all the privacy while playing.

It is a great gaming controller for kids of all ages, and if you are an adult who’s a kid at heart, this works for you too.


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This controller is an excellent buy without any doubt; however, we know all parents are very concerned about their kids and their safety.

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