STOGA Wireless Controller for PS4,Mecha Series-Yellow

STOGA Wireless Controller for PS4,Mecha Series-Yellow

STOGA has changed the gaming industry by creating highly gamer-focused devices and gadgets. We use the technology that has been at the core of gaming breakthroughs. At STOGA, we are committed to designing, and manufacturing exceptional gaming equipment for both professional and casual gamers. STOGA offers products that are built to specifications to improve gameplay and provide the opportunity to play with extreme responsiveness. It is the leading provider of gaming solutions to uplift the experience and take it to the next level.

It specializes in gaming controllers, gaming accessories, gaming keyboards, gaming keypads, gaming gear, gaming mouse, gaming workstation, and computer host. Find out some cool gaming accessories here at Stogaking– our Instagram channel for you.

The gaming controller deals in Joypad Controllers for SW, Pro Controllers for SW, and Pro Controllers for SW/PS specifically designed for comfortable grip. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) wireless controller is the most liked and top-selling product of STOGA. It has special functions like shocking boot sound and lighting, precision control, and ergonomic design which has successfully made it well-liked by gamers. The PS4 wireless controller allows gamers to play with the freedom of movement, and rapid motion.

The gaming accessories have a variety of carrying cases for the switch, Thumb grips for switch/PS, and protective cases for the switch. The carrying cases for the switch are super light and portable providing full protection. The protective cases are built with high quality to provide gamers with a comfortable experience that they long for. STOGA also deals with a thumb stick grip cap that is compatible with PS4 and PS5 Controllers. Skip to our official Facebook page, StogaKing for more amazing products.

The gaming keyboards are available in compact as well as full size so that customers can pick as per their preferences. These keyboards have changing RGB backlight and Detachable USB-C Cable along with many other features. The full-size keyboard promises to make gamers satisfied by providing Full 108-Key Anti-Ghosting and wide compatibility. The Tenkeyless (TKL) is the special STOGA retro keyboard with a gorgeous look that you would definitely not want to miss. If you want to be a part of a creative journey,  checkout this retro style mini gaming keyboard HERE.


The gaming keypad provides a range of resin, metal, and ABS keycaps. The resin keycaps are the best gifts that you could give to game lovers. They are built with unique design and high compatibility. There is a wide variety of metal keycaps that are compatible with mechanical keyboards mostly. They are also available in funny fright designs so gamers can have a variety to choose from. Follow us on Pinterest at StogaGear for amazing aesthetics related to gaming.

STOGA wants to ensure that gamers have the most comfortable experience while playing. Hence, we have a luxury feeling executive chair with a massage function providing gamers with the ultimate comfort. It is built with the latest technology because gamers’ comfort is our top priority.

STOGA targets anyone who is a game lover. It is for the people who care about achievement and believe in innovation. It doesn’t matter which age, gender, or background you belong to, as long as you are a gamer wanting to succeed, this is for you! Checkout more details on STOGA official YT channel

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