STOGA Nook Series Controller for Switch

New Year’s Day promotion: 20% discount on all products, Discount code:CH20 Brand Introduction At STOGA, our primary motive is gaming performance. We are gamers, and we have great respect and admiration for gamers who put in tons of hours for practicing so they can reach the top. We understand the competitive need of every gamer […]

20% discount on new products of pink panda controller

Featured new item “Panda Pro Controller Pink” is now available. Cute panda design and small size, convenient to carry, you can play anytime, anywhere. The battery capacity of this Procon has increased to 700mAh compared to other controllers. Other functions such as remote wakeup, one-click connection, TURBO mode, NFC function, motion sensor, and double vibration […]

New product launch notification

Three brand new Protective Case Cover Compatible with Switch are now on the shelves, and can be purchased via the link below↓↓↓↓↓ We set a 15% discount on new products for 7 days. Discount quantity: 200 Protective Case Cover, Hard Shell Case Handheld Grip Console and Joy-Con Controllers Code:86N2D5CK Protective CaseGrip Cover with Shock-Absorption and […]

New product launch notification:Rocker Cap Heightening Bracket Compatible with PS4 and PS5 Controllers

STOGA latest PS increased cap with a joystick now available. Features: [Comfortable Design] The additional 8 mm and 11 mm height-increasing Thumb Stick Grips Cap can provide a greater range of motion and help reduce thumb and hand fatigue [High quality]  Joystick Thumb Grip Cap for PS4/PS5 is made of high-quality silicone material, which is safe […]

Questions about parcel transportation

In response to the logistics problems that everyone has been reporting, first of all, due to the impact of COVID-19, the normal transportation of logistics has been greatly affected, so it may cause delays in transportation. In addition, there are some problems that can cause delays and non-receipt of logistics delivery. 1. Customs inspection 2. […]

The New Pink Panda Controller is on the shelves, buy it now!

STOGA has been designing and manufacturing gaming gadgets and accessories for many years. We have created high quality products with an emphasis on the needs of players. The Panda pro controller, a gaming accessory released by STOGA in 2021, has been highly acclaimed. The Panda pro controller is a Nintendo Switch controller for all switch […]

Invitation to become our brand ambassadors

I’m Shawn from Stoga. At the moment, we’re inviting influencers to become an integral part of our marketing campaign. My team and I will carefully examine the contents you produced and pick the most creative and popular influencers to work with. The contents include but are not limited to articles, posts, videos, and ad banners. […]